Case Study

Case Study: Solving a Global Computing Enterprise’s DevOps Challenges

ClientIndustrySolution ProvidedTechnologies Used
Global Electronics ProviderElectronics ComputingDevOpsKubernetes, Azure, Ansible Tower, Terraform

The Challenge

As a global enterprise of electronics computing solutions running on a monolithic legacy application, this client was in need of multiple modernization efforts, including within their DevOps processes. 

The client relied on Gorilla Logic’s experienced DevOps teams to help them:

  • Improve & enhance their overall DevOps processes 
  • Implement & automate a CI/CD pipeline
  • Add automated testing
  • Transition from manual QA testing to automated QA testing

The Gorilla Logic Approach

Recognizing Gorilla Logic’s vast experience in providing DevOps help to enterprises across industries, the client gave the team ownership of the project, letting them take the reins on technology strategy recommendations to improve their DevOps pipeline and processes.

Gorilla Logic addressed the client’s challenges with the following targeted strategies: 

  • Created and implemented CI/CD/CE (Continuous Exploration) pipelines to streamline development processes and reach a higher level of operational excellence.
  • Wrote Cloud-agnostic code to add flexibility to the client’s tech stack.
  • Adopted an infrastructure-on-demand cloud microservices pattern. By breaking down the app into smaller pieces with this pattern, the client can reduce application downtime.

They provide a lot of great suggestions to help us make improvements in our processes or approach to projects. It's great to work with a vendor willing to speak up when it comes to helping us be more effective.

–Senior Manager

Business Outcomes

By breaking down the client’s monolithic application into 30 microservices and streamlining DevOps processes, Gorilla Logic provided the improvements needed to launch the 2.0 version of the client’s website. This ultimately led to a faster, more reliable, more efficient, and more responsive experience for the client’s customers.

Gorilla Logic’s DevOps teams helped the client:

  • Create 63% in cost savings for the client by following the Infrastructure On Demand cloud pattern.
  • Find new deployment efficiency by simplifying from multiple deployment procedures to a generic, standard script for every environment.
  • Migrate from a cloud hosting solution that was constantly up and running–even when the app was not in use–to the Kubernetes8 hosting solution. This approach not only saved the client money, but also ensured that all Kubernetes development environments are ready every morning in less than an hour, creating new efficiency.
  • Automated all app stack creation and provisioning processes with Ansible, providing fast disaster recovery capability, a reduction in human error, less manual effort, increased speed, and automatic quality checks.
  • Increased user accessibility by adding multi-language support in Chinese, Spanish, English, and German. 

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