Case Study

Case Study: Creating Digital Transformation for a Major Media Conglomerate

ClientIndustrySolution ProvidedTechnologies/Methodologies Used
American Media ConglomerateMedia & EntertainmentDevOps, CloudAWS, Terraform, Akamai

The Challenge

This media & entertainment conglomerate faced critical challenges in its digital operations and streaming applications. They were searching for a partner with extensive Cloud and DevOps experience to help them scale so they could better manage app traffic surges during live events, avoid unnecessary downtime, and find areas to introduce cost savings–without sacrificing performance.

The client selected Gorilla Logic to help them:

  • Find ways to cut costs through the use of new technologies and processes.
  • Create scalable solutions to handle high-traffic windows, without compromising infrastructure efficiency.
  • Achieve their goal of zero downtime to improve user experience and avoid potential financial losses.

The Gorilla Logic Approach

Gorilla Logic put together a custom team with a breadth of experience in creating scalability for high-traffic environments, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery/Improvement. With these multi-disciplinary teams leading the way, Gorilla Logic was able to confidently guide the client on their path to successful digital transformation.

Gorilla Logic addressed the client’s challenges with the following targeted strategies: 

  • Zero Downtime: Analyzed the existing infrastructure to pinpoint potential failures. Then, made technology recommendations and implemented improved processes for continuous operation. 
  • Cost Optimization: Explored alternatives for expensive feature flag solutions, which allow developers to enable or disable a feature without needing to modify the application code, and implemented an internal proxy cache service to reduce costs. 
  • Traffic Management: Developed dynamic traffic management strategies using AWS, Terraform, Akamai, and advanced load testing tools.
  • Team Support: Worked closely with the client’s internal engineering teams to understand their unique needs and provide tailored, scalable solutions.

They’re really proactive and stay ahead of our needs. Our timelines are solid and they deliver effectively. They give us quality senior resources who are independently capable, and they’re also willing to help us find the right resources to get jobs done."

VP of Technology

Business Outcomes

The client’s partnership with Gorilla Logic resulted in a transformative shift in their digital infrastructure, achieving not only their specific business goals of creating zero downtime, finding cost savings, and making scalable features and processes–but also fostering a more Agile, efficient, and resilient operational model.

Gorilla Logic’s efforts resulted in:

  • Achieving zero downtime during major live events
  • Reduced technology costs without sacrificing performance
  • Blocked DDoS cyberattacks & enhanced overall platform security through strategic infrastructure adjustments and by adopting Akamai security & cloud solutions
  • Successful implementation of a comprehensive multi-region cloud strategy

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